Music isn’t what it used to be – Fact or Fiction?

We all believe that music is changing. What was once an era of meaningful lyrics and matching tunes has now become an era of Auto-Tune; an era where anyone and everyone is a music artist. Although music may have changed, can the same really be said about the genres?

Where do you live?

If you look at music globally, there really isn’t much change. The genre that was dominating the music industry 10 years ago is still doing so. However, if you analyze countries separately, you will notice that some genres have changed.

For example, in the first quarter of 2011, there was a sudden increase in pop music in the United States. However, Brazil saw a declining trend during the same period. On the other hand, there was a steady increase in pop music in India. Pop over to Vietnam and you will see hip-hop dominating the music industry with pop being a mere shadow genre.

Why the Changes?

Music is always evolving. As time goes on, trends in the generation influence the music industry. There was a classical, a punk and even a techno era. In India, classical music dominated the industry for 30 years. However, after 2000, pop music saw a steady increase. The fact is that people wanted something to dance to.

Thanks to the internet gaming, music became more widespread than ever. Since 2004, pop music has been declining in India. However, hip-hop has been on the rise. As the idea of a global village draws closer, people have moved away from the norm and have started to listen to a wide variety of music.

As time passes, new music genres emerge. In the United Kingdom, many music genres are in decline, especially pop. However, new genres such as dubstep and house music are increasing in popularity. Avid music listeners are tired of the same old music and want something different. These genres offer what they want.

So, can we really say that music has changed; a subjective question? What our children listen to is radically different from what we listen to. As time goes on, people will want something different. They will want to hear new sounds and experience a completely new genre of music. Music has not changed; it has evolved and will continuously do so. It will continue to evolve based on your listening preferences.